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Jeffrey Marquis

MY 64 mph WRX crash was a SET-UP !!!

On November 2, *2004*, Voting Day with George W. Bush and John Kerry, when I was a Computer Science student at Worcester State University, a group of bad people who were all close to me, plus one of my best-friends in the area Derek Langlois... He received compensation for his role in allowing my crash to happen.

My-parents were sort of involved in Andy's and Allyson's "PLAN" for me to be pulled over for speeding after going to a bar, and the Leicester cop would have smelled alcohol... My parents let Andy and Allyson proceed with the whole plan because they both promised my-parents I'd be a better person for it, with no downsides !!! and I'd just lose my license, as Allyson promised she loved me enough to take a break for a year, then marry me...

After I voted, the people who arranged my WRX-crash wouldn't stop calling my cellphone to say hurtful insults TO MAKE ME SAD AND MAD, telling me to drive faster and hug the curves, this when they knew I was driving fast in my sportscar and having been QUITE DRUNK, because the people who plotted this for me called up bars in the area and told the bartenders to make sure that they gave me free liquor, so I'd be way above the limit... They emailed photos of me so they knew who to look for... and the bartenders would be paid back... I was driving after leaving Derek Langlois' house, but first apparently he got my turning my WRX around in his driveway on video from an upstairs window, I don't know why, but that's what I heard, like someone could have let me in to let my buzz wear off, like me drinking plain water and watching a 2 hour movie-- but they didn't !!! Instead, they risked the lives of people driving on the road, with me, alone in my WRX, and my life they were joking about, with Allyson *my GF* crying... and then I drove down Henshaw St. with my phone that wouldn't stop ringing with my group of enemies who were hoping that I'd hit another car and injure them and hurt myself, just to make things worse !!! They got my cellphone provider "French River" to mess with me while driving, speeding in my Turbo Subaru sportscar with bigger wheels, in the pouring rain at dusk, not knowing there were multiple police cars in the area, who were told by Andy not to get me yet... and my Mom and Dad were trying to get the phone away from Andy, because it was evident... he wanted my car totaled and me DEAD !!! When I couldn't program with Computer Science I made him look evil for getting me into computers -- I thought part of his job involved pornogaphy on the internet !!! like on his computer, THAT BASTARD !!!

Back to my-enemies who are responsible for my difficulty with speech, balance, double-vision, memory, and PTSD -- my-enemies, who all wanted me to crash drunk -- they were on the phone and passing it around like a "CELEBRATION" where they wanted me banged up and injured with broken bones... which I heard in the hospital from my Mom, "Banged up 'enough'," my Mom said to me at Fairlawn... Then, driving my car, my-enemies were on the phone, Andy, Allyson and Derek trying to get me to kill myself, they would say ... JEFF OH HO HO HO, JEFFREY, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T ***KILL YOURSELF!!!*** don't KILL YOURSELF !!!!! NO NO NO WE CAN'T HAVE THAT !!!!!!!! SO LET ME SAY IT AGAIN... DO... NOT... KILL YOURSELF !!!


I could hear everyone laughing very loudly in the background !!! but I know my Dad and Mom weren't jovial hearing the many fucked up insults they told me -- he served as a straw to break the JOE THE CAMEL -- HEY MOM DIDN'T ANDY AND GRANDPA SMOKE CAMELS FOR DECADES AT A TIME ??? ...

My uncle is responsible for causing my Traumatic Brain Injury !!! as well as is the Leicester Police who took chances, and they hold some responsibility for my T.B.I. because THEY DIDN'T PULL ME OVER AS SOON AS THEY SHOULD HAVE !!!


my WRX car accident here ::: (SEEN ABOVE) OMG! THE INTERIOR!

Got it ?? I SURVIVED THAT !!!

I learned to drink from my cousin Dan Besse -- who was less than a year older !!! -- when I was a Freshman / Sophomore at a Catholic High School  chargIng $5k a year, Saint John's in Shrewsbury, that employed the homosexual Mr. Deedy who's into drugs like Crystal Meth, that got Alexander Kozlov and I in trouble with, as just Alexander Kozlov opened his gay anus every day for internal gay-sex, for a month or more, because he loved how METH made him feel, and he was looking for a "Daddy"

That was in the winter of 2001 or 2002 and it was the only time after attending Saint John's High School (for $5k/year...) that I saw my teacher of about three years. And he never seemed "gay" in class and after school... I'm straight and I just wanted to try psychedelics to "open my mind," but he could only get pure Crystal Meth... Regardless, I wanted to hang out with an older, more experienced, cool teacher I had at Saint John's... He taught English and Theater... He's been fired from the Catholic high-school and I haven't talked to him at all

I was called queer, faggot, homo, etc. etc. by my friends especially Christopher McPartland the night before my Traumatic BRAIN Injury because they were taking orders from my uncle, my girlfriend, and Alexander K., who got a job a few miles away from my home in Charlton, MA at my Blockbuster store and I never went back, after seeing him again for the first time, in 2005 - the druggie who had Adderall, Ritalin, Xanax, Valium, and the date-rape drug GHB that helped his muscles all from ordering through dealers online to the P.O. Box he rented each months... I didn't say a word to him and I hate how he did gay, internal anal sex for hard drugs...

Around the year 2000 he was an established Anabolic-steroid user with an account at calling himself dieseltwin, or that was his screen name on AIM... and that's where he'd found out about all these pharmacies in Mexico and around the world, plus real drug-dealers who'd profit from mailing Ecstasy and OxyContin...

I quit drinking alcohol, for over a month when I dumped out all of my alcohol in the kitchen sink for my Mom to find on Sept. 23rd... and I put the photo on my website so that my friends would see I had a problem and so that someone would get me help...

September 23rd:

I didn't drink in all of October, 2004 !!!

and then:

November 2nd:

I crashed going 64 mph as these fucks kept yelling into the phone "THE COPS ARE CATCHING UP TO YOU- GO FASTER AND GET ANDY OFF YOUR LOGIN'S ON THE COMPUTER !!! "

They knew they were risking my life and everyone except my Marquis-family were trying to make me slip on the wet-leaves in the pouring rain !!!

My left hipbone shattered even with my Side Airbag going off:

The airbag on the steering wheel didn't go off because I was traveling completely sideways, from the curve in the road, the rain, and the wet leaves on the ground...

I was in so much pain and I want the people who "ARRANGED" my having to go to the school to withdraw from Calculus I ON EXACTLY THAT DAY I blame my parents for, being sad myself, they told me not to drink (my Marquis-family, Aunt Donna, and Derek Langlois oh plus Dana Gardner) , but that wasn't enough since fucking Andy told me all evil shit... I got them all to agree I'd have one drink at a bar, or maybe I should leave this out, but they knew I was so incredibly sad I needed something.

My parents and others in the plan bought Derek a $40,000 sportscar with 400 horsepower, because his house in Leicester was the focal-point of getting me pulled over.

After my Traumatic Brain Injury, my "Abilities" ranked 4/15 Glasgow Coma Scale 3 is the lowest score to still be alive, and they weren't sure if I'd live the first 48 hours.


2010-2013 I had a girlfriend named Justine Aragona who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury like mine also in a car accident, but she wasn't driving and she got a big settlement... her parents liked me very much and our relationship was blossoming, until I started drinking beer at night at either my house in Charlton, or hers- she was from Southbridge- that now in 2019 I haven't had many drinks at all -- only a few on vacations or holidays (not driving)-- for THREE YEARS, and I went to A.A. once at my Protestant Church with my Minister Jim Chase who I'm close with and I respect him.

The people who caused my T.B.I. threaten my parents to do evil shit to me, hence I've been confined to about FIVE MENTAL-HOSPITALS for well over a year, but spread out.. My parents are my Health-Proxies and my Mom does very bad things to me because she's Andy's sister... FUCK MY-ENEMIES !!! =X

I run these three blogs as an established writer: BlogSpot WordPress AllPoetry

... and here're my hot soliloquies from Poetry II at Worcester State University: A- with over a year of content on my OTHER dot-com with much entertainment !!! My Brother Justin designed the graphic-template

Here it is month by month, just like a female :

starting with most recent:


Here's where you are right now : my turbocharged AWD Subaru WRX and my unfortunate Traumatic Brain Injury

Photographs of the ruined car below... my best short- story my Bro, Justin, a funny short-story tha Motorola RAZR, nigga lol !!!'s my best writing of 20 pages in a .pdf !!!

... and there's a Travelogue I wrote by hand while I was in the tropical hotspot of Green Turtle Cay with my Marquis-family

Here's a couple interesting Biographies Dr. Walker assigned  :::

Shawna --

Bethany --


Read my TaLenTed writing :::


Check out my WRX car accident here :::

((( but some fuck is hacking me... who doesn't want you to see the inside where the steering-wheel is bent !!! )))



Got it ?? I SURVIVED THAT !!! =D




Some asshole deleted my 33 page version and even more pages than that my enemies deleted

People have been getting "revenge" on me for the past 15 years -- I guess I made them feel guilty... for directly "CAUSING MY WRECK" !!! and making me sad, calling me "faggot" just over and over, etc. -- so people have been getting revenge by ordering my-parents, Wayne and Deborah Marquis, to send me to mental hospitals and get me on screwy medications like a "Haloperidol" SHOT that's been doubled and then increased more, that has many side-effects I'm ordered to get every three weeks !!! I would be down in the dumps if I didn't have Zoloft or an SSRI... - I haven't been suicidal or made any "attempts" to hurt myself - I've quit drinking with my own willpower as I want to live a long life ... I don't cut myself or take risks and my Minister knows that as do my-parents !!!

I've been driving a nice Subaru in my name since 2007, once I finished with a Driving Inspector, making sure I drove okay... But if the people who directly "CAUSED" my WRX spinout formed a small crowd, with no innocent bystanders, I'd mow my-enemies down

I LOVE MY DAD AND MOM !!! - Wayne and Deborah !!! however I want my Dad to be my only Health-Proxy as I'm pretty sure my Mom takes "orders" from her relatives, the people who wanted me to be arrested when they planned for me to be pulled over by the Leicester Police... hmm a Charlton cop showed up, why? he was black and I remember him from Sunday school... Was my Minister there ??? Was he in on the plan to have me arrested ??? and was he waiting at the police-station with my-parents, my friends, relatives, others, and Allyson (Drucker) Hodgkins -- whose cellphone was bought away from her, by my-enemies 15 years ago with the same outgoing message, although just recently there's a woman saying "Leave a message for Allyson Hodgkins..." -- I suspect it's her lawyer, as she's had children with sperm that a nurse extracted from me in the ICU, so she can sue me for Child Support -- I've never seen her firstborn, but I have seen a couple photos of her toddler female twins, Isabella and Sophia ((( my late Grammy's name is "Sophie" and I think that's a hint...)))

The twin daughters show undeniable evidence of "Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome" (F.A.S.) that has their ears sticking out like some type of odd mammal...

I want Allyson to fess up and be criminalized !!! She wanted me cited for DUI because she wanted to see if she could love any men as much as me...

We had just looked at an apartment next to my school, and she kept saying she couldn't afford it -- the plan to have me put in jail for DUI and jokes online for "Shock Jocks" was already underway ,

Justin, Dana, Justine, Mannie, Tiph, Jessica, Carina, Alx

and I will leave you with a poem I invented that I have recited for many people :

Nocturnal Freedom :

Silence at the end of the day ,

has its own way ,

of allowing the mind to play free ,

and leaving us be as we drift ,


ALLAH IS GREAT !!! I AM ISLAMIC AND I HAVE BEEN EVER SINCE I EXPERIENCED GOD AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE, WITH MY EX-LOVER: JUSTINE ARAGONA -- of almost three years !!! and I have only had a few beers in the past three plus years, thanks to my Minister Jim Chase, a Christian Protestant I have had lunch with at restaurants a dozen times or so since my Traumatic Brain Injury that some "jealous" fucks directly-caused !!!

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